For doing business in Malaysia, except of reporting business performance periodically for private or limited company, auditing is mandatory to fulfil the requirements of compliance. At Wezmart, our auditing approach aims to identifying validity and reliability information on business risk and optimizing its potential business performance and promoting business transparency and services rendered through clarity and consistency.

There are two main services under audit & assurance as follow: -

    Information derived from auditing works and its implication to business are equally useful for business decision making rather just served as statutory annual submission to authorities. The process of audit may not be comprehensive enough portraying the true picture of the business performance due to sampling approach adopted. Appointment of qualified auditors with vast experience in industries that shall support by the quality team to ensure the results derived are to the best of its truth.

    In certain extend, board of directors rely on internal audit (IA) to provide assessments and assurance around the effectiveness of controls, system processes, digital environment influences so to provide solution and support in various areas. We assist to assess, remediate and improve the processes within the resources and budget available. Identify opportunity to improve performance through driven insight of technology.

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